Why We Need Ro Water Purifier Service?

Are you living in a pollution-free world? Indeed, it is not possible. We all know a pollution-free planet has become a myth now. To survive, we have to adjust to the polluted air, water, and food. But we tend to forget that we are the ones who pollute this water. We throw waste in the water bodies to the extent that tap waters now demand purification.


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Why do we need a water purifier?

The primary reason to own a water purifier is to eliminate all biological, chemical, and physical pollutants through different filters in the purifier. Many people still do not think they need RO to water purifiers and fall victim to various diseases. However, they fail to realize that RO water purifier service can remove particles even smaller than 10 microns. Because of this, they need regular repair and maintenance.


You must undergo a water quality test to match the best water purifier for you. This way, you can know the presence of suspended particles and choose a suitable RO purifier to eliminate them.


Which are the different types of water purifiers?

Before installing a water purifier, you will definitely consult a water quality expert. But, you must know the difference between RO, UV, and UF water purifiers to understand what the best is for you.

  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO)- Opt for the RO system if your water has high TDS levels. This purifier helps you eliminate excess salts. Moreover, it also removes metals and toxins. It controls the TDS to preserve the essential minerals in the water.
  2. UV Water Purifier (UV)- A UV lamp is used to eliminate the pollutants and make the water drinkable in this water purifier. You can use this water purifier for all water sources, from tap water to corporation-supplied water.
  3. UF Water Purifier (UF)- This water purifier uses a membrane called ultrafiltration to remove particles of the size less than 10 microns. You can use gravity-based water purifiers for low TDS levels. They do not require any external source of power.

How often should you service RO filters?

Depending on your usage, you must make it a habit to change the pre-filter RO every six-twelve months. It should be decided based on the quantity of water filtered every hour.


It would help if you changed your RO filters once every year to safeguard your RO membrane. Moreover, every two years, you should replace the RO membrane. If you do not get your RO water purifiers serviced at the scheduled times, your water may get contaminated again and affect your health.


Need for RO service

Every household needs water purifier service. For this, people may feel lazy to go to the RO service center and approach them. However, with ServiceOnDoors, you no longer need to go through any hassle for your RO service. You can directly book your RO service request online or contact our toll-free number 1800 103 8583. You can leave the rest to us as our professional team will fulfill every need to keep your water healthy and drinkable.



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